"Make the Shift" From Fear To Love
this 10th anniversary of 9/11

We have another chance...Let’s come together as ONE

Dear Friends,
I’m Mali Rowan, Founder of Mali Rowan Presents and PR Lead for ONE: The Event plus Producer and Publicist to individuals and organizations shaping our world for the better. So when I got the call from Firefighter Erik Lawyer about ONE: The Event I knew I had to jump on board. Mali Rowan

Every year since September 11, 2001, millions of people remember and watch in anguish and astonishment as we recall the planes that hit the Twin Towers in New York and the FEAR and anguish is felt by the world all over again. It is fed to us by television and repeated to us like some abstracted mantra that whips us back in time and amplifies an emotional response in most everyone. Noone seems to stop to question that perhaps we collectively dropped the ball when we allowed our leaders to reciprocate a message of fear, isolation and hate—and on the absurd side of things, to go shopping. What could have been an opportunity to unite became a horrific platform for an even deeper chasm of fear, isolation, judgment and hate.

As a global American citizen I believe that ONE The Event holds the promise of actually making a difference in the world as a unitive force of individuals, communities, networks, professionals, and creative social artists and architects from all over the globe come together in one very simple but profound intention: to shift our world from fear to love.

Why should you care about 9-11?

What we stand for is to 'shift' our attention away from the FEAR and pain that we all experience every year, to LOVE and compassion.